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Restoration Expert With 35 Years of Experience: The Better Way To Make Your Job Easier

35 Years in the Restoration Industry

Mistakes? I’ve made them. I’ve tried just about every product out there for our industry and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve owned and operated a restoration company since 1987 and I’ve had sleepless nights wondering if the products my company used were safe for my employees and for my clients. It’s impossible to know the underlying sensitivities of the people we work for or that work for us.

I searched for safe products and found several products that really didn’t do the job I needed them to do. But finally, I think I’ve found the right products. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I started A Better Way Distributing to share the products and equipment that I know are as safe as possible, make sense economically, and get the job done. And we can all sleep at night! 

Restoration Equipment To Make Your Job Easier


Water Mitigation | Mold Remediation | Fire Restoration | Smoke Odor Removal | Deodorization | Sanitizing and Disinfecting

We have solutions that are proven effective and with EPA registrations to back them up with kill claims.


We’ve all used air movers. We’ve all had sore backs from carrying the equipment and blown out many a breaker trying to get all the necessary equipment on a job. A Better Way has axial air movers that weigh under 23 lbs each, can daisy chain up to 6 fans on a 15 amp circuit, can stack up to 10 high for transport, and bills Xactimate code WTR DRY+. And we have extension cords and power distribution boxes that won’t break the bank.

We all have stories of the worst losses we’ve ever seen. I walked down into a basement a few years ago where the sewage was black and about 4 feet high. It had been there for a while. The washer, dryer, and room full of contents were floating in literal crap and the smell could knock you down. You couldn’t even be outside the house without gagging. After it was pumped out we were able to spray a hypochlorous acid solution down there and it made it bearable to get out the contents. I have a machine where I can make my own hypochlorous acid up to 500 ppm so there is no worry of running out during a bad storm event and once the investment in the machine is made the solution can be made for pennies. I use this solution in almost every job we do now.

We also test the latest technology. Someone once told me either it’s too good to be true or you just don’t know about it yet. One of our most recent investments is a dry mist hypochlorous acid fogger for large commercial applications or large houses. The dry mist microns floating in the air kill viruses and bacteria upon contact. It’s perfect for gyms, hospitals, arenas, nursing homes, etc. People can be there while it’s working and no PPE is required. 

We’ve even had houses that recorded near zero mold counts after the applications. The best news is the machine we bought paid for itself within 2 months. We now are a distributor for this bad boy!

One last product I would like to share with you is BHP. This product literally removes mold, algae, and mildew stains in seconds. Spraying this product gives amazing results and reduces labor costs. Wood and Brick look like new after being treated. 

The picture shows a before and after of an attic we recently mitigated. The owner couldn’t have been happier. And because you dilute it for use it’s probably cheaper by the gallon than what you are using now!

These are just a few samples of the products we carry. We have products, equipment, and consulting that can make your job and your life easier. Let us help you find A Better Way!

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