Does Vinegar Kill Viruses

Does Vinegar Kill Viruses?

Many commercial electrolyzed water products add vinegar to the solution of salt and water. But does vinegar kill viruses? If not, what purpose does it have in electrolyzed water? It may be believed that vinegar helps enhance the disinfecting power of holistic cleaning solutions. But the reality is vinegar adds very little and, in some cases, it may even be detrimental to the product. Does vinegar kill viruses? You will have to wonder no more.

Does Vinegar Kill Viruses? No.

Does vinegar kill viruses? Vinegar by itself doesn’t really add a lot to the disinfection process and it’s inclusion in electrolyzed water is wholly unnecessary. In finding out why vinegar doesn’t kill viruses it’s important to consider a few factors:

  • Vinegar does not have the power to kill viruses: Vinegar is not recognized by the EPA as an effective disinfectant and the small disinfecting power it does have becomes even less when it’s diluted as a part of a cleaning solution. And it won’t kill the dangerous bacteria known as staphylococcus.
  • Vinegar can’t be used in school settings: Vinegar is not strong enough in disinfectant to be used in a school setting or a child care center to get rid of all the germs needed.
  • Vinegar can be irritating in large doses: One of the biggest benefits of electrolyzed water as opposed to bleach is its non-toxicity. But high concentrates of vinegar can actually be irritating to the eyes.

Not only does vinegar not kill viruses effectively, but its irritating properties can also negate the benefit of an all-natural cleaning solution. Your best bet is to seek out an alternate cleaning solution that is just as powerful as bleach without the irritating chemicals. Does vinegar kill viruses? It doesn’t kill them enough to make an actual difference.

Hydrolyze Does Not Contain Vinegar

Does vinegar kill viruses? No, but A Better Way Distributing offers electrolyzed water for your home or business through their Hydrolyze product. Hydrolyze works to clean and deodorize through its solution of water, salt, and electricity. There is no vinegar required. Vinegar by itself may seem like a tempting alternative to chlorine bleach products. Hydrolyze and other alternative cleaning products containing electrolyzed water are the perfect alternatives because they’re a simple and all-natural way to clean while being gentle enough to use anywhere. Hydrolyze can be purchased by going to A Better Way Distributing’s website at

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