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Want An Effective Bug Spray For Yard To Stay Bug-Free This Summer

Keeping yourself and your yard free of pests during the summer can be difficult so that’s why we offer a bug spray for yard. Bigshot Maxim is easy to use and effective when it comes to staying pest-free. Bigshot Maxim can be used on things like:

  • Decks
  • Bushes
  • Lawns
  • Outdoor furniture

Bigshot Maxim comes in a quart for $39.95 and is dilutable in a spray bottle or a pump-up sprayer. To dilute Maxim it depends on the application, but the normal dilution amount is 12 ounces of product to a gallon of water to make an effective bug spray for yard. Once it’s ready you spray all the bushes and plants around the yard. Maxim can give you about 21 to 30 days of coverage. Coverage will depend on rain and how thick Maxim is applied. 

To prove the effectiveness of Bigshot Maxim, our testing shows that even 21 days later mosquitoes were landing on the area that has been sprayed and they still die. Bigshot Maxim is very effective. Everybody wants to get outside and enjoy their yard, especially with the weather turning better, but mosquitoes can drive people away. Use a bug spray for yard product that’s effective and safe for you, your children, and pets.

Is Bigshot Maxim A Natural Bug Spray For Yard?

Absolutely, Bigshot Maxim is more natural than other mosquito repellent spray or bug spray for yard. People who are wanting more natural ways of protecting themselves Maxim is an excellent way to do that effectively. The other thing we see in our area are farmers looking for a better option for treating crops. In fact, we have an incredible offer right now for farmers. This product is a fungicide pesticide product and we’re offering it to farmers that would like to try this product out and do a test strip. We call it a 50-acre test strip and it would take five gallons of Bigshot Maxim that the farm farmers could do. This test trip would cost $5 per acre for this testing. 50 acres would be $250 and once they use this product, they’ll see the effectiveness for themselves and we will gain data on the product. We know that they will be satisfied with Bigshot Maxim!

This is a fungicide pesticide product and if you compare this to other products on the market right now, they’re averaging $20 roughly for a fungicide pesticide combo product. This is a $5 product that we’re offering to farmers. If the farmer is satisfied and decides to make the switch next season, we will guarantee that same price going forward. Again, $5 per acre for Bigshot Maxim as a fungicide pesticide combo. 

Another thing to add is farmers won’t have to worry about any chemicals affecting surrounding water or homes. There was an article in the local Edwardsville paper where a farmer was being sued because the chemical that they use from a bigger company drifted onto the neighboring property and it caused damage to the other crops. Now the farmer is being sued for $50,000. They also found this product that drifted caused health issues to the family. With Bigshot Maxim this is not a concern whatsoever. It’s all organic and safe and you have to worry about drifting causing any problems to any other crops or neighboring homes.

Want to keep your yard free of pests this summer? You can visit our Bigshot Maxim page or call (800) 411-1983 to get the best mosquito repellent spray. We are running a 20% off discount as well! All you have to do at checkout is enter code 20OFF.

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