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A Better Way Distributing offers a variety of cleaning supplies. One of the products we offer is Enzymatic Odor Eliminator. It’s a great product for helping with odors around your home or business. It’s easy to use and people enjoy the smell of it. Enzymatic can be used for:

  • Trash cans
  • Laundry
  • Tough odors

We also offer a medical-grade Hydrolyze that is designed for cleaning equipment. Hydrolyze 600 is more powerful and stronger so it can break through thicker levels of biofilm on the surface. Hydrolyze 600 also penetrates the biofilm walls quicker than the hydrolyze 100, but there are limitations of course. This solution is safe for fabrics but it is not to be used around food. 

BAC Sanitizer is another product we sell made with thyme oil. This product is organic and can be used for cleaning and deodorizing as well as pesticide. BAC is very effective in spraying underneath counters to help keep bugs away from your house or business.

We also offer a wonderful product called Bigshot Maxim that’s not for cleaning but is for the other pests like mosquitoes. Mosquito season is here now around the country and mosquitoes are nasty. In the past, and even now, there’s a lot of products on the market and being used by commercial applicators that have a chemical in it and is highly toxic. Some products used by companies are highly deadly to bees and butterflies. We want to keep our pollinators and can’t afford to lose our bees and butterflies. It’s very important that what you’re spraying and companies spray at your home or business is safe. You need to find out what they’re actually using, what’s in that chemical and what are the main active ingredients. We’re proud to say that Bigshot Maxim does not have any toxic products. Benefits of Bigshot Maxim include:

  • Organically grown
  • Highly effective
  • Contain lemongrass
  • Safe around children
  • Safe around plants

Why Did A Better Way Start Selling Cleaning Supplies?

We were looking for safer options for cleaning supplies. We always look for healthier ways of doing things and we said, “there’s gotta be a better way of doing what we’re doing right now”. We know people want healthier, safer, and more natural cleaning supplies. 

Rather than using all these chemicals and toxins that are in so many cleaning supplies right now, we decided there’s a better way. We decided to start exploring these options and hopefully get these products out to the community. So we formed A Better Way Distributing because it’s a safer, healthier, and overall better way of doing things for our nation, our country, and our communities. My wife and I are grandparents with nine grandchildren and we’re concerned about what we’re going to leave to our grandchildren. What kind of chemical footprint are we leaving behind for them?

Do You Have Any Advice About Cleaning Supplies During Covid-19?

Many people right now are scared to death of leaving their houses. We know people who haven’t ventured out in two months except for checking their mail or maybe taking a short drive, but not going into any stores. They even have all their food delivered to their house. We encourage people to be safe and smart when it comes to cleaning supplies and staying healthy. 

One thing people need to keep in mind is we’re not doctors and we don’t have any medical background, but we’ve done a lot of research and understand that your body has an immune system. From what we’ve read and heard is the immune system can grow and strengthen, but also weaken depending on the exposure that you have to germs and bacteria around us.

Two, make sure you’re using a cleaning spray that is going to be effective. Don’t just follow the news and get what people were told to get. Don’t just grab Lysol and think it’s going to be effective. Do your own research and ask:

  •  What does it really do?
  • Is it meeting my needs or do I need to look for something better?
  • Are there better options?
  • Are there better ways of doing things? 

If so you have to be smart and protect yourself. We see people wearing masks improperly in stores and it poses a risk to them. People drop their masks down to their neck and leave their mouth exposed. They touch things in the store and then they touch their mask.

You’ve got to be smart when you’re wearing that mask. That is why we highly recommend using A Better Way Distributing products to clean your mask and hands after shopping in a store. You can carry the small bottles of Hydrolyze to clean your mask, hands, or clothing. When you leave the store, you can spray your hands and your mask as you take it off and then store it safely for the next time you use it. When you go in the store you could even lightly spray down your clothes. 

Let people know, “Hey, there is a better way of doing things and a healthier way and a safer way”. We want to encourage everybody to just share this information with as many people as they can. We do recognize many people are skeptical because it’s not mainstream or it’s not a product they’ve heard of before. 

Want to try our cleaning supplies for yourself? You can get yours by visiting our website www.ABetterWayDistirbuting.com or calling (800) 411-1983. We are running a 20% off discount on your first order! All you have to do at checkout is enter code 20OFF.

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