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Hydrolyze: The Quicker and More Effective Cleaning Spray

Looking for an effective cleaning spray to clean your business or home with? A Better Way Distributing offers a medical-grade cleaning solution, Hydrolyze, that is designed for cleaning and deodorizing equipment. Hydrolyze 600 is more powerful and stronger so it can break through thicker levels of biofilm on the surface. Hydrolyze 600 also penetrates the biofilm walls quicker than the Hydrolyze 100, but there are limitations of course. This solution is safe for fabrics but it is not to be used around food.

What Is Hydrolyze?

Hydrolyze comes from Korean technology and has been produced for nearly 20 years. A company from Korea has produced a machine that has a process for making Hydrolyze.

  • Water is electrolyzed in a salt brine tank
  • It then mixes with non-iodized kosher salt
  • Hypochlorous acid is created from this

You might know what hypochlorous acid is and it’s the same thing that’s in your body. Hypochlorous acid is what your body produces to your immune system to fight off germs, bacteria, and viruses. It’s very healthy for your body, so A Better Way Distributing took it to keep the environment around you safe and healthy. 

It hasn’t gotten a lot of traction, but hypochlorous acid and the use of electrolyzed water has been around many of the years. Despite the technology being around for 20 years, the idea has gained interest in light of the pandemic.

Is Hydrolyze a Super Charged Cleaning Spray?

The Hydrolyze process uses a machine to electrolyzes the molecules. The process does the following:

  • Creates a neutral solution of hypochlorous acid & sodium hypochlorite
  • Then supercharges the whole solution

When the solution is done, it comes out of a little spout that we use to fill our containers so we can get every bit of the solution that’s active. The solution reacts to how a battery would react when it’s positively charged. 

What Other Companies Use This Same Disinfectant Solution?

Other than major hospitals in Kansas City, the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is another company using this cleaning solution. From our understanding, right now in Korea and Japan, there are about 7,000 machines they’re using in factories and fish hatcheries or fish processing factories, schools, restaurants, and much more. They even have handwashing sinks. The sink is producing the solution where a person would pass through and could put their hand underneath and just put their hand underneath to get the solution on their hands within seconds and then move on. It would actually be able to clean their hands quickly and more effectively versus standing under the sink and washing it for 20 seconds.

We’re also looking at other technology coming where we can have the cleaning stations that you see or you can put your hand in there and it puts out the solution. We are looking at a machine that we can have for businesses that could put the solution in and use. There are some other things coming down the pipeline that will be even like a misting station for businesses!

What’s The Difference Between Hydrolyze and Bleach?

Many people use Hydrolyze to clean their fruits and vegetables because it is much safer than bleach when it comes to cleaning. In fact, people often think the produce has been cleaned already and is ready for consumption. There are articles out there that basically say that’s not the truth and that it may depend on where you’re buying them from. There are different pesticides that are put on these fruits and vegetables that you’re bringing in your house without even knowing what’s on the produce. 

Chemicals are put on fruits and vegetables for two reasons:

  • To prevent bugs and infestation
  • Help the fruits and vegetables last longer

Yet, these chemicals leave a residue on the fruits and vegetables that you can’t detect. The best way to get rid of the chemical residue is by using Hydrolyze to clean fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that produce gains an additional shelf life after removing the chemicals and the pesticides. The EPA and FDA have done testing and studies to prove that it is a safe way of cleaning your produce. Hydrolyze is the perfect product for both restaurants and homeowners. 

Is It True Hydrolyze Helps Soften Skin?

Hydrolyze does exactly that! Hydrolyze does not contain any drying agent like most hand sanitizers do. Those can contain alcohol anywhere from 60% to 80% of alcohol. Alcohol by nature is designed as a drying agent and will dry your skin. Skin is the largest organ you have on your body, so you have to protect it and if you’re using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, they’re going to dry your skin out. 

What Hydrolyze does is actually hydrate your hands and your skin by adding moisture in without leaving any kind of a film or grease at all except just a softness that will take over your skin. Many people have said they haven’t felt softness like this in years just after using Hydrolyze a few times on their hands.

Many people have used it for:

  • Removing calluses on feet
  • Heal cuts, scratches, and scraped
  • Psoriasis and rashes
  • Toe fungus

Where can Hydrolyze be bought?

Hydrolyze can be bought from our website, ABetterWayDistributing.com, or from Hydrolyze100.com. We are offering a limited time discount for 20% on their first order of Hydrolyze. All you have to do at checkout is type in 20OFF, to get the discount applied. We have multiple sizes of Hydrolyze available for purchase now. 

  • 32-ounce spray bottles for $19.95
  • 1-gallon containers for $35.95
  • Four-ounce travel bottles for $6

Is Hydrolyze Safe Around Family or Customers? 

Hydrolyze is safe to use at home or in a business. The safety data sheet for Hydrolyze has no known issues. Some benefits include:

  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic and safe on skin
  • Safe for those with asthma 
  • Safe for this with weakened immune systems

Hydrolyze can even be put right on the face as well as with no threat to the nose, ears, or mouth. If you look at products that are over the counter, there are hazard warnings that say can cause respiratory issues. In fact, an article in the news recently said that there’s been a huge uptick in chemical poisonings due to people using over the counter products. After spraying it, it gets airborne and it causes respiratory issues all over the house. It’s not intended for that and people may be overusing it. That is not an issue with Hydrolyze. That’s why we feel so happy and wonderful to be offering it to the communities.

Get Hydrolyze for your home and business! You can visit our Hydrolyze page or call (800) 411-1983 to learn more today. We are running a 20% off discount as well! All you have to do at checkout is enter code 20OFF.

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