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The Skincare Perks of Hydrolyze Hypochlorous Acid

Are you having issues with commercial cleaning solutions irritating to your skin? Typical chlorine based cleaning solutions that you find at a grocery store can be potentially hazardous and toxic when used too much or in the wrong place around your home or business. Not to mention, it can make cleaning your building a much more unpleasant experience if you are sensitive to chemicals. But there is an alternative solution that will allow you to use a cleaning solution that is 80-100 times more powerful than bleach without the toxic side effects. A Better Way Distributing has harnessed the cleaning power of hypochlorous acid with their Hydrolyze cleaning solution. This formula is perfect for the home or business owner that is looking for an all-natural and non-toxic solution to their cleaning and deodorizing needs. 

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid is one of the main components of a solution called electrolyzed water. The chemistry behind electrolyzed water is surprisingly simple. It is created when electrolysis is applied to a distilled salt solution. The result is a product containing two main ingredients:

  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCI): The same substance your white blood cells produce to protect your body from disease. This is the ingredient that gives bleach its disinfecting power.
  • Sodium hydroxide: A common detergent found that can vary in concentration; but is at a non-toxic level in electrolyzed water.

Together, these two ingredients create a cleaning solution that’s non-toxic and completely safe to use around people, animals, food, or anywhere else you might need it. It’s commonly used in hospitals, veterinary clinics, agriculture, and can be used in cleaning solution spray to clean around the house. It can also be used in fogging machines to deep clean a building or office. 

Hypochlorous acid has been proven to fight against common foodborne pathogens such as salmonella, e.coli, listeria, and Campylobacter after just 30 seconds of contact. It is effective against bacteria spores and viruses that are resistant to other disinfectants. It can even be used for pipe cleaning to prevent contamination in beverage and dairy manufacturing. A Better Way Distributing can create large quantities of stable HOCL solutions in a way that chlorinated chemicals can’t compete with.

Can Hypochlorous Acid Benefit Your Skin?

Hypochlorous acid isn’t just a powerful cleaning agent. It can also be beneficial to your skin in a way that is a direct contrast to how chlorine based cleaners can be irritating. Hypochlorous acid is an antimicrobial, so it actually has healing effects for the skin including but not limited to:

  • Fighting acne
  • Smoothing skin
  • Repairing damaged skin
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

And, the best part is, hypochlorous acid is non-irritating for people with sensitive skin. So when you use hypochlorous acid around your home with our hydrolyze product, not only are you using an effective cleaner, but you’re using a cleaner that has been proven to actually improve your skin with its use instead of harming it. It really is that beneficial of a product.

The Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid For Your Cleaning Needs:

Safe To Use Wherever You Need It

A regular chlorine bleach cleaning solution can leave an unpleasant chemical smell when used, but the hypochlorous acid found in Hydrolyze will leave your building smelling fresh and all natural while still working as an effective cleaner. Because hypochlorous acid doesn’t have the harshness of chlorine bleach, you can use it around kids, around pets, in the kitchen, or anywhere you could possibly need it in your home without fear of the chemicals hurting anyone or anything. 

Hypochlorous Acid Can Target COVID-19

Now, more than over, home and business owners are looking for ways to keep the people who use and reside within their building’s safe. By using cleaning solutions that contain hypochlorous acid you can create one more barrier that can protect people from the spread of COVID-19. Hypochlorous acid has been proven to be very effective when used in cleaning solutions and when you use those solutions to clean the surfaces of your building you can have more peace of mind knowing that, along with wearing a mask and social distancing, you’re doing all you can to protect yourself and others from the virus.

A Better Way Distributing Provides The Power of Hypochlorous Acid Through Hydrolyze 

Hypochlorous acid is truly the ultimate cleaning solution for those who are looking for an all natural way to keep their home or business clean and safe from the spread of viruses and bacteria. Hydrolyze is a cleaning solution available for purchase from A Better Way Distributing that contains hypochlorous acid so you can bring this all-natural and incredibly powerful cleaning solution to your home or business for both every day and deep cleaning projects. To learn how you can get Hydrolyze for use in your building, you can visit our website at https://abetterwaydistributing.com/product/hydrolyze/  or give us a call at (855) 905-4421.


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