Omnisan Anolyte

Non-Porous Hard Surface Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Deodorizer

99.9% Efficacy Against Bacteria, Mycobacterium, Viruses, Yeast, and Pathogens

EPA Approved

Listed in List N, Covid-19 Disinfectants

100% Alcohol and Chemical Free

RTU, Low Corrosive, Less Odor


OmniSan™ Anolyte is made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients and is additive-free.

Product Details

industries We Serve

Crop spraying disinfect sanitize



hospital sanitize and disinfect


What is Anolyte?

Anolyte Water, a mixed oxidant, is produced by electrolyzing dilute brine (NACL) water in the cathode & anode chamber of a unique diaphragmatic electrolytic cell.  An electrochemical activation is used to convert a 3 g/l (0.3%) to 7 g/l (0.7%) aqueous solution of sodium chloride into a solution known as “Anolyte.”  Anolyte contains > 99.3% water, with the remaining solution being chloride salts, hypochoris acid, and hypochrite ion.


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