F800 HEPA Air Scrubber


  • Size: 14″ x 22″ x 24″
  • Filter: 2
  • Stage Amps: 2 CFM: 700

Featuring a 22″ x 24″ footprint and standing only 14″ tall. Weighing less than 35 lbs and featuring a molded handle and stackable design, the F800 Air Scrubber is easy to carry, transport, and store. For maximum flexibility, it features variable airflow and can be operated vertically or horizontally.

Designed to accept 16″ inlet flex duct and 10″ lay flat outlet duct for a variety of operating set-up options. The F800 Air Scrubber delivers a maximum 700 CFM of HEPA filtered air, while drawing less than two amps of power. This makes it a perfect product for a variety of remediation projects where space and power are at a premium.

One F800 Air Scrubber is capable of 4 air changes per hour (the recommended minimum) on a 7500 cubic foot room (more than a 30′ x 30’x 8′). It contains a 2-stage filter design – with documented true HEPA filtration performance – will remove hazardous particles from the air and, with the addition of an optional carbon/potassium permanganate filter, will absorb a wide range of odors and gases.


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