What is Hypochlorous Acid?

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Are you looking for an alternative to chlorine bleach for cleaning your home or business? Then A Better Way Distributing has the all-natural green cleaning solution for you. 

What is Hypochlorous Acid Used For?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is the same substance your white blood cells use to fight diseases in your body. HOCI along with Sodium hydroxide (NaHO) is found in electrolyzed water which is made from a chemical reaction that happens when you apply electricity to water and salt. The process to make electrolyzed water involves the electrolysis of a diluted salt solution reacting with an electrolytic cell, creating a powerful anti-microbial oxidant. The result is a powerful cleaning agent just as powerful as bleach while being non-toxic, no-rinse, non-allergenic, and environmentally friendly.

Hypochlorous acid is the ingredient found in bleach that gives it cleaning power. And because it’s all-natural and non-flammable, it’s safe to use anywhere in the house and it won’t be harmful towards children, pets, or food. Hypochlorous acid can also be used in fogging machines to deep clean large areas such as a gym, school, or hospital.

Hypochlorous acid gives power to electrolyzed water. A Better Way Distributing can create large quantities of stable electrolyzed water solutions containing hypochlorous acid in a way that chlorinated chemicals can’t compete with.

How to get Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid has been a mainstay in organic crop production and hospital cleaning. And now it’s been commercialized by A Better Way Distributing to be used in your home or business through their Hydrolyze product. Electrolyzed water is a gentle and non-toxic alternative to bleach that packs just as much, if not more, of a punch. 



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